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Welcome to Thunderbirds Hoops

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The Shorewood Thunderbirds Select Hoops is a non-profit, volunteer based organization established in 2007 that provides an opportunity for boys in grades 4-8 to develop basketball skills and play basketball in a competitive environment.  Thunderbird Select Hoops is a developmental feeder program for Shorewood High School and participates with 19 other programs representing their local high schools in the WESCO Youth Basketball League

No Practice on October 27

There are no practices on Thursday October 27th due to a musical event in the gym at Einstein.   Coaches will let teams know if they will be holding a makeup practice on Friday, October 28th

2016/17 Season Tryouts

Tryouts for the Shorewood Thunderbirds Boys Select Basketball Teams (4th thru 8th Grade) has concluded for this season.   Sorry if you missed our tryouts for this year's winter program.   Check back in March for options to join one of our Spring teams.  


Tryouts Participants Update

Hello Parents;

Thank you for your child’s participation in our Shorewood Boys Tbirds Select Hoops (TSH) tryouts this year.   Tryouts for all of our teams concluded tonight and we had record turnout for all of the grades this year which only speaks to the basketball enthusiasm in our community.   Coaches will be contacting all of the boys that participated personally to invite some to join a team and provide feedback to everybody that participated.   We understand that you might have questions about the program and wanted to address some of those ahead of the coaches’ phone call.

Being part of the TSH program requires commitment by not just the player, it is a commitment by your family as well. 
For the Player
The expectation is that TSH will be the number one sports commitment during the basketball season.  We understand that there may be some conflict as boys may be finishing up other fall sports commitments. However, players are expected to make every effort to attend each practice and game and playing time will be affected by missing practices. It is vital that there be no confusion on the expectation that TSH is the priority sport during Basketball Season.  Our season runs from Mid October thru the end of February with a break between Christmas and New Years 

Practice – they will take place at Einstein Middle School two days a week for 90 minutes with an optional Friday open gym skills session.  Players are expected to make a majority of the practices.   Practice is where key skills and plays will be taught and then executed during the games.   Not attending practice can impact the game time that players get and excelling at practice will also earn playing time.    

Practice Schedule
4th Grade – T/Th – 5:30 - 7
5th Grade – T/Th – 5:30 -7
6th Grade – T/Th – 7-8:30
7th Grade – T/Th – 7- 8:30
8th Grade – M/W 7-8:30 

There is also open gym on Friday’s from for all players to attend which will focus on skill development.

Games – there are typically two games each weekend they are held on Saturday and some Sundays at different high schools in the WESCO league are except for 4th grade who play all of their games on Sunday's on Mercer Island.  The game times follow the same schedule each weekend and is detailed below.   We expect players to attend most games and prioritize game participation over other sport commitments during the season.  

Game Schedule
4th Grade – Sundays TBD
5th Grade – 1:30 & 4:10
6th Grade – 2:30 & 5:30
7th Grade – 1:30 & 4:10
8th Grade – 2:50 & 5:30

The program is also participating in the Juanita Thanksgiving tournament which will take place the Friday – Sunday of Thanksgiving weekend.

Players will communicate absences with their coaches in advance regarding their attendance at practice and games.   We have an easy to use mobile platform that makes it easy to communicate with the coaches when you can’t attend

For the Parent
Program Cost - A non-refundable fee of $350 - (4th) $450 (5th & 6th) and $475 - (7th & 8th) is required to cover the cost of uniforms, league and tournament fees, officiating fees, gym rentals, insurance, equipment and other costs related to maintaining a quality basketball program. Our Program is Not for Profit. 
All Players are required to obtain a current Wesco AAU card which can be purchased online for $14.  Click here to purchase now.
Volunteers – our program is run by a volunteer board and we require all player parents to volunteer for some key tasks to support the program.   The bulk of the activities are on home game days such as score keeping and the setup and take down of the gym.  

Driving – our games are held at different gyms as far north as Mt. Vernon, east to Monroe, and in the Shoreline/Lynnwood area.   There are two games each day and they try to schedule the first game furthest from home and then the second game closer.  It is big commitment from parents to drive their players to the games.   Teams do carpool with each other but we want to make parents aware of the commitment as it is different than rec leagues that are at the same gym each week (except for the 4th grade team which is on Mercer Island each week).   

Other Key Information 
Scholarships -  A limited amount of partial scholarships may be available based on need.  Please contact Rebecca Partman (TSH Board Member/Treasurer) to discuss financial aid options or extended payment plans.
Team Composition - Each team usually consists of at least 10 players.  At the coach’s discretion, additional players may be added up to 12.  Final rosters will be determined and boys will be notified within the week after tryouts conclude.  Boys who did not make the team are encouraged to continue to work on their game by participating in recreational or other programs.  We can provide options for your consideration  including attending our program’s open gym at Einstein Middle School on Fridays. 
 Playing Time - This is a Select program, playing time for individual players will be earned based on a variety of factors that may include a player’s skills, effort, attendance, attitude and other factors that the coach deems important.  

•    At the 4th, 5th & 6th grade level, coaches will be encouraged to play each player a minimum of 1.5 quarters per game.  

•    At the 7th grade level coaches are encouraged to play each player at least 1 quarter per game. 

•    Playing time in 8th grade is at the coach's discretion as earned by the player.  

At all levels, playing time can be diminished due to disciplinary reasons, absences from practices, injury, etc.  A primary objective of our program is to help each player improve their individual skills during the season. The expectation is that each member on our teams will be spending time working to improve their games outside of practices and games. We believe that improvement comes with commitment and effort. 

Thanks again for your interest in the program and we look forward to a great season!

New Shorewood Basketball Coach

Congratulations to George Edwards who has been recently named the new head basketball coach at Shoreline High School.   He is very excited to jump into his new role and to partner with Thunderbird Select Hoops to build the pipeline of basketball talent.

Shorewood High School Basketball Schedule

2016/17 schedule and results for the Shorewood boys basketball team (as soon as it becomes available)